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About Us

Do one thing, and do it exceptionally well…

The Artsy Chocolatier, by Rebekka Schmitt loves the idea of bringing people joy through Chocolate. Powered by Valrhona™ Chocolate with their intricate flavour profiles, we craft our unique truffles, tablet and bonbons to bring you pure chocolate joy! Valrhona Chocolate is synonymous with quality and excellence. The company was founded in 1922 by Pastry Chef Albéric Guironnet in Tain L’Hermitage in the Rhône Valley of France (hence the name Valrhona). Their mission of excellence is evident in their range of aromatic chocolate, with profiles that are complex and lend themselves to a range of flavour combinations. This has developed due to their ability to perfect chocolate making techniques while paying attention to the raw materials and the terroir in which they are grown. Valrhona’s process of selecting top quality cocoa beans, fermenting and processing them to a finished chocolate is comparable to the crafting of fine wine. In 2020 Valrhona received the “B Corp Certification”. They have made a conscious effort to dedicate to better the world both socially and environmentally. The Artsy Chocolatier is pleased to join the Valrhona family of exclusive Chocolatiers.

Rebekka Schmitt, “The Artsy Chocolatier”


As I have embarked on this journey to launch Artsy Chocolatier, I have never forgotten as a child how I felt when something sweet and special was presented to me. This is how I wish to make all of you feel as our custom crafted boxes are opened– the experience is meant to delight the eye first, and then follow with the smell and taste of something unique and special. I trust that the quality of our ingredients and the care in which each chocolate is crafted comes through in the finished product. Enjoy!

About Us

Rebekka Schmitt , "The Artsy Chocolatier", is an international award-winning pastry chef whose love for chocolate and the art of the “Chocolatier” has propelled her into opening, sharing her love with you. Born in Trier Germany, she felt the culinary influences of France and Luxembourg in the local gastronomy scene. She obtained a classic European Pastry/Chocolate apprenticeship in Bernkastel-Kues Germany where she finished at the top of her class. Returning to Canada in late 2018, she worked as Instructor at Niagara College sharing her passion for pastry and chocolate. Rebekka has achieved “stellar” work experiences. She obtained positions of Pastry Chef at Waldhotel Sonnora, a Michelin 3-star establishment in Germany, and Casa Solla, a Michelin 1-star establishment in Spain. She also was named to the Canadian Junior Culinary Olympic team competing at the culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. Rebekka always maintained that working with chocolate has always been her true love. The “Artsy Chocolatier” is the embodiment of her commitment to her craft and an expression of her passion. Rebekka uses only Valrhona Chocolate for her truffles, bonbons and bars not only for the exceptional quality and taste profiles, but for their ethically sourced and sustainable approach to Cocoa production.